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Tout Bagay Tour (Adults from $105.00 US)


Tout Bagay means EVERYTHING, and that is exactly what you get on this outing. Enjoy a picturesque sail down the Carribean side of St. Lucia. Pass by the World Heritage Site of the majestic Pitons, as they tower out of the sea. You will also visit the world famous drive-in volcano, as well as a plantation to see cocoa and coffee in production at the historic Morne Coubaril Estate, where a creole buffet will be served. Upon your return to the boat, you will start back up the island to enjoy swimming and snorkeling (equiptment supplied) at a safe swim area. This will allow you to see the islands marine life as never before. Once everyone is safely back on board, you will proceed up the rest of the coast to end your tour with some dancing and fun at the dock shortly before dusk.

A full day of a whole lot of St. Lucia beauty. Don’t miss this chance to see and do “Tout Bagay” – a little bit of everything.


Time of tour: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Tour Days: Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday

Sites Visited: Mud Baths, Soufriere Waterfall, Sulphur Springs, Morne Coubaril Estate, Marigot, West Coast Beach for swimming or snorkelling

Food Served: Local Creole buffet lunch served at  the Morne Coubaril Estate

Drinks included: Rum punch, fruit-punch, sodas, water (beers on sale)

Price: US$105 Adults US$55 Children (from 2 to 12).

Add US$55 for ziplining (optional).


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