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Jeep / Zip line / Waterfall (Adults from $109.00 US)

Have your camera ready! This is a great way to spend a day in St. Lucia!

Crawl aboard an open top Jeep for a guided tour through several of St. Lucia’s small villages on a tour up the windswept Atlantic coast. Enjoy your trip through the lush tropical rainforest and you will find yourself at a world class zip line. Once you have been strapped in and schooled on the do’s and don’ts of zip lining, you will be ready to zip your way from treetop to treetop. Enjoy the unsurpassed views from all 12 lines in the heart of the rainforest.  After your exhilarating zip line adventure is complete, you will be able to relax in the Welcome Center and enjoy complimentary juice and bottled water.

Once you have caught your breath, and had some refreshments….take a short hike to the Errand Waterfall. This is St. Lucia’s highest accessible waterfall and arguably its most spectacular.  Take a dip in the pool at the base of the waterfall and you will be feeling instantly invigorated.

Tour Information

Duration of tour :  5 1/2 hours approximately

Activity level:  High

Maximum Height: 50″ / 1.27 m

Maximum Weight: 250 lbs. / 50″ waist

Recommended attire:  Shorts or pants, swimwear, and closed shoes….and sunscreen.

Warning:  Anyone who is pregnant, physically challenged, or suffering from a heart condition is not encouraged to participate in this tour. Every participant must sign a waiver.


Cruise Ship Passengers: Every day

Hotel Guests: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Price including transportation: 

Gros Islet / Castries / Vieux Fort:  Adult: $109.00 USD  12 and under: $94.00 USD

Marigot Bay: Add $15.00 USD for transportation



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