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Pampering in Paradise

Pampered in Paradise

Ladies and gents alike can indulge in some well deserved pampering while you are away from the stresses of you every day life. This well appointed spa is located in RodneyBay, and they are waiting to whisk you away to their premises. Treat yourself to manicure, pedicure, facial, and massage…. to name just a few of the services that their licenced therapists provide….and all with complimentary pick up and drop off services from  your hotel from the North end of the island to Castries.

Hands and Feet
French Manicure $25 USD
French Pedicure (45 Minutes) $35 USD
French Polish change $15 USD
Polish change $10 USD
Gel Polish $35 USD
Paraffin Pedicure $35 USD
Paraffin Manicure $25 USD
Tropical Pedicure $30 USD
Tropical Manicure $20 USD
Volcanic Mud Pedicure $35 USD
Volcanic Mud Manicure $25 USD

Moroccan Cocoon Wrap – $55 USD

Rassoul Mud replenishes, rejuvenates, and re-mineralizes. This wrap is great for smoothing rough, scaly, or seborrea, and also relieves fatigue and exhaustion for a feeling of renewal.

Seaweed Body Wrap – $55 USD

Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids activate blood circulation, detoxify and moisturize your skin.

Volcanic Mud Wrap – $55 USD

Relaxes sore or tense muscles, stimulates circulation and improves skin texture.

Aromatherapy Salt Glow – $40 USD

Exfoliates dead skin cells with refined aromatherapy bath salts customized with “anti-stress” essential oils that will leave the skin smooth, mineralized and revitalized.

Sea Salt Body Scrubs – $40 USD

Sugar Cane Body Scrubs – $40 USD

Green Coffee Body Scrub – $40USD

Milk Baths – $30 USD

Volcanic Mud Baths – $30 USD

 Aromatherapy Salt Bath – $30 USD

* Series of 3 is reduced by $10 per treatment.** Add an exfoliating salt glow or body polish to your body treatment for the ultimate in smooth, sexy skin.

Hydrotherapy Bath can be added to any body massages and body treatment for an additional charge.$25

Tropical Soothing Massage

This classic European Swedish soothing massage helps to improve circulation, ease muscle aches, tension and improves flexibility.

60 minutes $50 USD     90 minutes $90 USD

Tension Relief  Massage

This massage reduces muscle soreness, decreases chronic pain and relieves stress. We use trigger point therapy, deep compression and friction of relevant muscles.

60 minutes $ 60 USD

Volcanic Hot Stone Massage

This luxurious massage uses the heat and pressure from the stones to penetrate deep into the muscles. The therapists’ healing touch, combined with hot stones, melts away all stress and tension. An experience like no other!

60 minutes $75.00 USD

Touch Therapies Foot Massage

Stimulation of points in the feet normalizes corresponding areas and systems of the body, back, neck, and shoulder. Pains can be treated through your feet.

30 minutes $35.00 USD

Couples Massage

A real treat for an anniversary or the couple who likes doing everything together.

60 minutes $100.00 USD Per Couple

Feel a renewed spirit from our exclusive Tropical Pedicure , stress reducing Tension Relief  massage & Peppermint Plunge.

Fantasy Spa Package       $130.00 USD

Energetic rejuvenation begins with our Milk Bath, followed by our Swedish-Deep Combo massage, and our gentle yet invigorating Ocean Blue Facial.

Serenity Spa Package       $150.00 USD

The ultimate experience of our Signature spa treatments: Ocean Blue Facial, Volcanic Hot Stone  Massage  and our soothing Volcanic Mud Bath.

Ladies Day Out -$120 USD

Be whisked away with  a Sugarcane Body Scrub followed by a oh so relaxing Swedish massage then indulge in a quick Mini Facial to bring out that inner shine , finish off with a Tropical Manicure and Pedicure for pretty fingers and toes.

Guys Escape – $120 USD

Get rid of all those knots guys with a Tension Relief  Massage followed by a deep cleansing Gentle Man’s Facial finish off with Tropical  Manicure and Pedicure to bring out those handsome fingers and toes.

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